Elliot Simmons


Hello! Within the creative world. my interests include drawing, painting, photography, and design. Currently, I'm in EvCC's Graphic and Web Design program, which will help me achieve my goal of becoming a self-sustaining artist/ creative by widening my range of skills.

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Email : esimmmons@email.com

Website : johndoe.viscomdesign.net

Address : 2000 Tower Street, Everett

Color Schemes

Landscape Architect

Proposed color scheme and example websites with swatches and meanings

color scheme with yellow green, blue, dark pink

I have chosen this color scheme for the landscape architecture website because it involves colors that you would see in nature as well as being somewhat complementary to each other, specifically the faded green and dusty pink. Green and red are the true complementary pair, but it also can be harsh on the eye and has an immediate association to Christmas. These more subdued colors are kinder on the eye and more fitting for the business. Blue was included in this color scheme because is analogous to green, or next to it on the color wheel and because green and blue are automatically connected with the natural world. Blue is also a calming color that goes down a different route from the higher contrasting colors of pink and green.


Red website example

Red has connections to anger, love, urgency, and good luck.


Orange website example

Orange has connections to excitement and high energy. It also calls for attention like red does, but it isn't as demanding.


Yellow website example

Yellow has connections to joy, caution, and youth.


Green website example

Green has connections to nature, growth, and moving forward (traffic lights).


Blue website example

Blue has connections to calmness, water, and feeling down.


Purple website example

Purple has connections to creativity, wealth, and spirituality.


Black website example

Black has connections to formality, simplicity, emotional darkness, and mystery.


White website example

White has connections to innocence/ purity, minimalism, new beginnings, and cleanlines.


Tan website example

Tan has connections to corporate environments, and is generally seen as an uninspiring but calm color.