Personal Logotype


Course Website Example Page

  • Make a web page for your class website.
  • Name this menu item "Logotype" and page "logotype.html"
  • Create a link in your navigation to this page.
  • Update and upload the entire site.
  • Copy the URL to this page in the URL box for this assignment

Include the following

  • Use your own images and words to describe the design process for creating a simple logotype. Include png and jepeg formats.
  • Use Illustrator or Photoshop to create a logotype for your own design business. Do not add illustration elements, only font variations and color.
  • Replace the banner name with your logotype on the template page. Update all your pages.

STEP 1: Experiment with typefaces

Let the typeface describe your business identity. For example Sans-serif is modern, clean and edgy, while serifed fonts have a clissic look, hand made.

STEP 2: Experiment multiple typfaces.

Do not combine similar typefaces, be sure they are different enough to be distinct.

STEP 3: Experiment with color

Use your color theory knowledge to choose just the right color for your business identity. Save the file in transparent PNG24 format.