Include the following in this order on the course web page

Item 1: H3 Subtitle "Original Website" and a link to original website.

Item 2: Screen shot of original website home page with a brief statement about why the site needed a makeover.

Item 3: H3 Subtitle "Makeover Website" and a link to the makeover website.

Item 4: Screen shot of finished makeover website home page with a brief statement about how the makeover was improved.

Original Website

Link to Original incompetch Website

This is the main page of the incompetch website.

This website needed a makeover for many reasons...

a.) The website's main page is incredibly plain with white and grey as its main colors. The main page itself is a blog with all the links at the bottom of the website's logo. The dates to the right of the website are rather distracting as they only apply for things he posts on his blog. Because there are more than 2000 songs on this website, he'll only pick his favorite ones or most recent music to post on the main page hence why I feel this portion needs to be removed. On the bottom is where you can go to an older post he made but if you have a blog to the right as shown in the original, its useless so this needs to be changed.

b.) The search engine overall is not that good. You can search by genre, mood, collections and in order of when the song was uploaded (which if you hit control f, you can search for a key word and find the song that way, but given how you won't know how a song sounds like until you click on it, this is pretty worthless). An ABC search and sorting by instrument is essential for a website like this and needs one.

c. Some of the tabs are worthless like the graph paper and other stuff. It does not pertain to music and its only purpose there is to make a little extra money. You could buy these items anywhere else at a cheeper price and could be used for something else entirely.

d. I consider the advertising on this page to be in the way of his blog. This might be because of how the ads have nothing to do with music and usually pertain to food or whatever ad the creator signed himself on.

Makeover Website

Link to Makeover incompetch Website

This is the makeover main page of the incompetch website.

The design changes I made for the website...

a.) The background is changed to have musical notes in the background (and its very light so it doesn't become distracting). A gray background is boring to look at so having musical notes at the very least will make the main page appealing.

b.) The tabs for graph paper and other stuff were removed because they have nothing to do with the music website. A tab about the creator of the site and the music is added to give a glimpse of his life.

c.) In the Contact me tab, along with adding the email box to suscribe to more music, a name, email and message was added to send to the user of the website.

d.) Ads are removed because they're not music based advertising. The share logo is also gone due to it not working.

e.) The blog on the right was removed and the bottom navigation to older pages was replaced by a numerical form to go back and view the last posts without the need of putting too much text on the screen. For demonstration instead of doing the entire website (since the blog started in 2006 up to the current time with what he posts) I will only be doing three pages that will navigate 1, 2, 3, previous post and next post.

f.) Some links in the Music FAQ were removed because it was either a repeat of a previous website that he forgot to remove or the link doesn't send you to a music website at all. One was added though to remove the top header with a repeated link of the main website and another website.

g.) Additional tabs were added with a search engine for musical instruments in the song and a tab for songs in ABC order. (Of course this is a scenario of what should be added and the lack of a hyperlink comes from it not existing in the first place. Pretty hard to ABC 2000+ songs.)